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Used gypsum

This gypsum is used by the plants in this factory is the best and most purity gypsum that it extracted from gypsum mines according to assesment of French engineers and expriments and assesments of quality and purity of paint. Which in some parts، There are 99% of purity that this property is excellent Therefore these properties that we listed them cause of processing the best gypsum. The gypsum has been mined in these mines as the best type and premium product


Mazandaran Gypsum of Semnan Groups used from exprienced experts and first – rate engineers، as well as the using from advanced machine that these machines match with the existed technology in countries such as Germany، France and Belguim and they conform with world class standards which is unique in its kind. Considering Environmental protection have special importance for Mazandaran Gypsum of Semnan. In this factory is used from Electro-Filter technology to make filters، despite the initial cost of raw material which makes the production of gypsum unit to a green industrial plant by using from this technology ، this factor cause of receiving a tablet (appreciation) for eco- friendly and green industry. This company has succeeded in obtaining the national standards of Iran and Iso 9001 certificate for its customer- oriented and qualitation line- up. This company is ready to produce and supply a variety of gypsum products and various types of gypsum plaster and types of compound gypsums such as، spray Gypsum، Gipton Gypsum، anti- moisture Gypsum and painted plaster and this company ready to negotiate to produce and to supply variate products to their negotiators specially. Company products are available in all parts of Iran and in neighboring countries


The history of human using from gypsum as gypsum plaster is in Egypt thousand years ago. Gypsum has close relationship with the construction industry and it considers as traditional materials in Iran and In anicient buildings used from material until these days، we can see this material in from of beautiful stucco. Gypsum was manufactured in Iran in traditional method with elementary technology until 1349. During these years، we came up some peroblems such as lack of mass production and the lack of high quality of products as well as high price of products، these factors provided a favorable ground for the establishment of machine plaster factories in Iran، therefore، the first machine plaster plant launched in Iran. Mazandaran Gypsum company of semnan was founded in 1351 and it was launched in 1353. This company started their activities as one of the machine gypsum production factories in Iran، this factory located in MomenAbad area 5km from Semnan and it (this factory) lie near the rich gypsum mines، and these days، this factory continues to produce of gypsum as one of the most well known names in this field with more than 40 years of continuos activity in the plaster industy in the country